Friday, August 8, 2014


We all know the loving story of how I adopted Coco, so now it's Rucifer's turn. 
First of all, yes. I got a cat.
Second, yes. I DID in fact name my cat Rucifer. That's Lucifer with an "R."
Shall I elaborate? 

We all know and love the beloved and timeless Disney movie Cinderella. Well, in said movie, there is a cat named Lucifer. He looks like this.

The also beloved "mice-that-talk" in Cinderella end up saying Lucifer's name with an "R."
So they call him "Rucifer."

Here's my cat.

Kinda similar. 

Now, let's tie into my original story of adopting this guy.

It all starts with my awesome friend! (who also likes to rescue animals.. because she's awesome.) Same one that co-adopted Coco. 
She was fostering kittens for quite some time and got me into it as well. I stopped after a few kitties were in an out of my home, but she kept up with it. This put me into contact with a few shelters, rescue teams, etc.

One random day in April, I get a call from a clinic in Payson asking if there was any way I could possibly take in two cats that were going to be euthanized at 5 o'clock that same evening if nobody came to get them.
 It had been about 4 months since I'd fostered any cats... 
I didn't really want any more... 
But I couldn't let two innocent kitties wrongfully die!! 
I also couldn't take in two cats... 
 BUT, of course I said yes.
My friend was gracious enough to help out and said she'd take one of them.

We go to Payson to pick them up, we get them back to her house and the first thing we do is give them names. I saw my cat and the first thing that popped into my head was, "he looks like the cat from Cinderella."
Of course I'm not going to name a cat after the dark ruler of the underworld!!!
But the mice call him Rucifer... And that's cute.
So there it was.
After a few hours, I took him back to my house. I let him do his own thing until he was comfortable meeting the dogs and getting to know the humans in the house. 
He started warming up to the idea of our home and the dogs as well. I started to see more of his personality come out. He was very sweet, affectionate, and patient. (especially with the dogs) He wasn't vocal or obnoxious. He just did his thing, and when he wanted lovin', he'd get it when he was right and ready.
I was especially fond of this cat. I knew he was different. He was special. I was excited for him to go the the adoption event in a few weeks to find a "Forever Home."

One day I remembered the group home I currently work at had been entertaining the idea of getting a therapy animal for our clients. 
Oh. My. Word.
I had the perfect cat for the girls!
I couldn't wait for permission to bring him in to meet the clients. A few days later, I did just that and my girls LOVED him. He jumped in their laps, fell asleep while they pet him, went for rides on their wheelchairs, he was the perfect cat for that home. I was so excited that I'd still get to see him all the time, because well, let's be honest....
I loved him too.
A few days pass and I'm waiting for permission from our program director to approve this lil guy so my girls can love on him the rest of his days.
No deal.
The girls can't have him because he's not declawed.
I had to take him to the adoption event after all.

I moped for the next few days. Dreaded my goodbye with this sweet little cat. When one day, I'm cuddling him in my bed, as he's purring his sweet little pigeon purr while laying on my chest and I just decided.

I'm keeping him.
I'm his forever home.

This is that moment I'm talking about

What have I done? I just got a cat. I now own a zoo! 2 dogs and 1 cat because Ashley just can't say no!
You know what though? 
Don't regret it. 
I love my animals.

Ruci now has a loving family and has made a new best friend.
These two absolutely love each other. 

 I am most definitely capped out with the number of animals to own at once. But I'm pretty happy. I love my little zoo and all their little personalities. 

We make a happy lil family.

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