Saturday, July 26, 2014

Coco Cabana

This is the story of how I came to adopt my little puppins Coco.

First time meeting

I had just moved home from Illinois, and I was loving spending time with all my friends and family again. My friend was mentioning how she was wanting another dog, so I decided to help her look around for one. I got a call from a dog grooming place in Springville asking if we would be willing to have our numbers given to someone that had a little Pomeranian puppy that needed to find a home. I agreed and the care taker of the dog contacted me. Her name was Anna.

Anna had informed me that this dog was in fact blind. I didn't think much of it, because in my mind for some reason, I thought she was only a "little bit" blind. I set up a time with her to go look at the dog.

When we arrived at Anna's home, I couldn't wait for my friends to meet this little Pomeranian. We walk in the door to meet the dog, and there's no Pomeranian to be found. Just this 11 pound "I-don't-even-know-what-this-breed-is" dog chillin' on the couch moving her head around and trying grasp what's happening because there are now strangers in her home.

That's when it hit me. "Oh. This dog is all the way blind." You could just tell by the way she acted. I was hesitant. I was thinking I just wasted everyone's time. I brought my friends to look at a dog they wouldn't even want. Still, I wanted to be nice and take the time to meet this little blind thing.

I called her name, and tried to coax her over to me. She would have none of it. Anna picked her up and brought her to us. I let her sniff my hand, and she had no idea what to think. So then I pet her. Ok, so this human isn't so bad, Coco started to think. Then we started to play, and cuddle, and I was getting drowned in kisses and that's when it happened.... 

I. Fell. In. Love.

To heck what my friends wanted!! I was going to own this dog!! I was so excited, ready to take her home right then, but then it hit me...

I still live at home and already have one dog my dad hates.

I could not own this dog.

I was crushed. My heart was sad. I was afraid of what would happen to this poor, sweet little girl.

The drive home was about to kill me.

We were all in the car, driving in silence. I was replaying the scenario that just happened in my head over and over, not aware of my surroundings, thinking to myself. My friends were probably annoyed that I just wasted their time. I should not have gone to look at that dog.

That's when my friend's husband spoke.
"I think we should bring her home."


That got my attention and I practically sprung to the front seat of the car.

 "What do you mean we should bring her home?"

He then told me that he thinks that they can take little Coco until I get my own place.

Yes, yes, yes!!!

I couldn't believe my friends would do such an amazing thing for me. I contacted Anna that night and we made arrangements for when I would pick her up and be able to bring her "home."

One week later, after two surgeries and a long recovery ahead, that sweet girl was all ready for us.

Car ride home

She was 10 months old when we brought her home. We decided it would just be easier on her if we kept her name. We did however add a little something to it.

Coco Anna Anderson

We named her after the vet tech that truly saved her life. She saved this puppy from being wrongfully euthanized, and to her, I am extremely grateful, or I would not have found my little Coco-Cab"anna."

My friends graciously had her in their home for 6 months until I found my own place.

After a short re-adjustment period, some more training, and lots of lovin', Coco couldn't be happier. She is now 2 years old as of July 12th, and I've had her for 1 year since May 10th. Life certainly is not dull with her around!

Some may think it's silly because she's "just a dog," but I love her with my whole heart.

I couldn't have asked for a better addition to the family.