Friday, May 16, 2014

Better Late Than Never?

WOW. I have some updating to do. 9 months is far too long. I've just been loving life, I guess. Plus, I'm a busy gal, BUT, let's get started.

Moved home one year ago on May 2nd! 
I'm down to one job... Temporarily.
I got promoted! I'm now an assistant manager.
I'm dating quite a wonderful fellow.
I now live in a cutie little basement apartment.
I got a cat! 
I do grown up things like build credit.
I also can't think of anything else.

I just like to keep myself busy. I need to learn to do more for myself though. I get burnt out every once in a while, so I need to find something that can help me relax and unwind. Still never found that hobby! That's ok though. It's starting to warm up outside, so I'll be doing much more than sitting inside cursing the cold. 

I'm not really sure if I'll still do the blog thing. I'm debating. We will sure find out though! So, until next time, my friends. Well.... Maybe. =]

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