Sunday, April 7, 2013


I was playing around on Facebook and found a "note" I had written on January 4, 2011. It's titled "30 Random Facts About Me" here are the facts I put down:

1) I'm in love with my name. Even though it's common, it has a special meaning to me.
2) I'm very verbal about my opinion.  
3) I cheat on board games.
4) I've been taught how to play poker many times, and I still don't get it.
5) I have commitment issues.
6) I took bowling lessons when I was younger.
7) I CANNOT stand the words "retard or retarded." It makes me cringe when I hear them.
8) I'm the youngest grandchild on my Mom's side.
9) I love the 50's. I think it's the greatest era ever.
10) I broke my arm on April Fool's Day when I was in the 5th grade and no one believed me.
11) I have a phobia of spontaneous loud noises.
12) I can make myself gleek. It's pretty gross, I know, but most people find it amusing.
13) I've never been pulled over.
14) I find myself watching cartoons more than shows more appropriate for my age.
15) My best friend lives in California. 
16) I hate sticking to the same routine week after week. SOMETHING has to be different or I'll go insane. 
17) I have seven piercings and one tattoo. 
18) I quote the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland on a daily basis. (It's my fav movie) 
19) I think romantic crap is dumb. I honestly do not like it.
21) I'm just fine with buying condoms or pregnancy tests for my friends, but when I have to buy girly products for myself, I'm mortified. 
22) I NEVER make eye contact with people in public, but I do when I'm having a conversation with someone.
23) I don't believe in karma.
24) I want to learn to speak Hebrew.
25) I'm a girl with a sweet tooth for revenge. 
26) I wish cell phones were never invented.
27) I've never had a boyfriend. (pathetic! haha)
28) Sleeping is probably my favorite past time. I sleep too much for my own good.
29) I already have my wedding planned, even though I never want to get married.
30) I'm constantly seeking new adventures. I get bored with life pretty easily

A few things have changed. Like numbers 13, 15, 16, 17, 24, 25, 27, and 30.

13) I've been pulled over twice and got one ticket
15) I'm still friends with said person in California, but my best friends are all in Utah and always have been.
16) I grew up. I realize LIFE is a routine and you can't run away from that. 
17) I now have more piercings and tattoos.
24) Although learning a new language would be neat, I don't think Hebrew would be my first choice any longer.
25) I've learned to LET GO. Doing wrong to someone who has done wrong to you, doesn't solve one single problem.
27) I finally tried the relationship thing.... Not a fan. I'm the worst girlfriend in the history of ever. 
30) I still seek new adventures, but I no longer get bored with life so easily. I love my life and think its quite exciting.

It was interesting to see how I've changed. I've grown up a little bit. Emphasis on the little. I have more maturing to do, but I'll get there someday.

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