Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Acura And Beyond?

I'm SUCH a nerd that every time I see the Acura logo on a car...

I think of Star Trek...
Come on now though, it's pretty similar, I just actually noticed it. See, I'm a nerd!
Anyways, I was talking to Marvel a couple days ago about how I always tease him by giving him kisses on the cheeks. He loves it! He started laughing and proceed to say, "You have 100 boyfriends and I'm one of them! When I'm 18, we're going to get married!" I cracked up! What a little stud! That young man is going to be such a lady killer when he gets older because let me tell you, he has the moves already.
But anyhow, it seems that I'm in a 14 year betrothal. I have plenty of time to plan my wedding. Marvel seems to think a superhero theme will suffice. ;] Hah, the things kids come up with, am I right? They never cease to entertain.

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