Thursday, November 1, 2012

Homeowner Horrors

A few months ago, I had to deal with the carpet in my room flooding from a huge rain storm we had out here. It took me WEEKS to get the nasty mildew smell out of the carpet. As soon as I thought everything was ok, we had another storm. I had put towels by my window as a precaution just in case we did have another one. Those didn't help at all. My carpet was re-flooded. After a few MORE weeks of dealing with my stupid carpet problem, I finally won. The smell is gone and everything.

Well today, I was down in my room quickly grabbing something when all of the sudden I hear this loud pressure of water through the pipes, then a huge gushing sound coming from the storage room. I wasn't sure what it was, so I went to check it out. To my horror, I saw that the water softener had exploded and there was water spraying everywhere! I panicked! I didn't know where the main water valve was to shut it off! I called my employer's father because he lives literally 2 minutes away, but there was no answer. I booked it to the neighbor's house, but they weren't home. I called my other employer's father that lives about 10 minutes away, and luckily he said he'd rush right over. In the meantime while I was waiting for him to get there (which felt like forever) I was running outside around the house like an idiot trying to find the valve. I then ran around the inside of the house like an idiot trying to find the valve. Heck, I even tried calling my own father in Utah just for moral support, but he was at work like I thought he would be. Heh, heh, I was just desperate! I was so stressed out, I was on the verge of tears. All I could think about was the water filling up in the back room. I was letting my imagination get away with me and could just see the water rushing into my room and ruining everything in its path.

The kids' Opa finally showed up. I was so happy to see him. He's quite the handy man. He's the one that fixed my window leaking problem, so I knew he could help me. He found the valve and shut off the water. The water softener hasn't completely stopping spilling out water yet, but it's controllable right now. All the water is able to go down a drain, making it so no other rooms are going to flood. (keeping my fingers crossed) We are currently waiting on someone with more plumbing experience to come over and take a look.

I now realize the true horrors homeowners have to go through. I never realized it before because I had my handy man daddy at home that would handle our problems while I was just the "nothing's wrong in life" teenager oblivious to anything that WOULD happen.

This growing up stuff is intense. I've now experienced full blown motherhood, and awful things that can happen to your home. Man, I need to start learning more things about houses and stuff because I'd be useless to myself if I was ever alone in a situation like this.

So I guess moral of the story:
Learn where to shut off your main water! Or know someone who does =]

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