Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Hallow's Eve

Can I just say that Halloween is A LOT more fun when you have children? I enjoyed it so much more this year than I have years prior.

The kids kicked off the countdown to Halloween by helping me decorate my room. They each made a pumpkin and helped me cut out some other cute patterns. I did buy a couple of decorations, but not many. I wanted simple and easy decorations, and let's face it, homemade is much more fun as well.

Here are the decorations I had up:

DQ cut those out of a magazine for me so I kind of had to put them up
DQ knows I like owls so she made this for me
Pumpkins: Ladybug's, Marvel's, mine, and DQ's
Costumes were the most fun out of everything for me. I now understand why my mother always went above and beyond with mine and my brother's costumes. You want your kid to look cool! Marvel chose to be Thor, (of course!) Ladybug was Strawberry Shortcake, and DQ was a masquerade fairy. They all looked so cute. I obviously can't post pictures, so you'll just have to take my word for me. As for me, I was a mermaid.
I forgot to get a picture of myself with the full effect. I put decorative netting all over my shirt and pants. I didn't wear a tailfin or anything. It was simple, but I liked it a lot.
Last but not least, we have the PUMPKINS! All the kids ditched me in the process of carving them. 3 and 1/2 hours and 3 awesome pumpkins later we have these results:
DQ's pattern of choice
Marvel's ninja turtle and Ladybug's Ariel
We only had 3 trick or treaters total come to the door. And the kids got a TON of candy. We all had a great time this Halloween. Loved spending it with the kiddos. 



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