Saturday, October 13, 2012

All She Wants For Christmas Are Her Two Front Teeth

I experienced a definite first 2 days ago in the adventures of motherhood.
Marvel and Ladybug were having a playdate with their cousin. The 3 of them were having a grand old time. Enjoying each other's company, all that jazz. When all the sudden, I hear blood curdling screams. I ran to see what was wrong and Ladybug was in hysterics. Her and Marvel hit heads SUPER hard. She started freaking out even more when she realized there was blood coming out of her mouth. I had her open her mouth for me and that's when I just sat there and was like... What do I do right now?

First of all, I didn't even think her tooth was loose! Second, this is NOT what I was expecting at all!

All I could say to her was, "where'd your tooth go?"
That was NOT the right thing to say. She didn't even know her tooth was gone! At first I thought she could have swallowed it. I proceeded to check the back of Marvel's head... Just to be sure. Then we searched all over the floor for it. Our little cousin friend ended up finding it.

Ladybug was a mess. She was certain the world was ending until I looked at her and said "Well... You know who's coming now, don't you?" She instantly got this huge blood filled grin on her face and gave the funniest little giggle I've ever heard come out of her. This was when she realized loosing a tooth was the best thing that could have happened to her.

After the initial shock of her missing tooth, she let me look in her mouth again. One tooth and a cut lip later, I discovered her other front tooth is now pretty loose. Therefore, by Christmas, we're going to have a two front teeth-less little Ladybug.

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