Sunday, September 2, 2012


I realized I forgot to blog about my glorious visit to good old Utah a little over 2 weeks ago. Boy was it swell. 9 whole days of family, friends, and FUN!

The reason I got to go home was for 2 weddings. Yes, two. My cousin and my good friend both got married within a week of each other. I got lucky that they planned their weddings so accordingly. Thanks, guys!

First of all, I need to tell a touching story. It has definitely made its way to the top of my favorite memories of my daddy. Sorry, dad. Hope I don't embarrass you. =]

But anyways, I left Chicago around 11:00am. I had a short layover in Minneapolis, then it was off to Salt Lake City! I have never experienced such a long flight. It was only about 3 hours, but it felt much longer because I was so excited. I FINALLY heard the captain come on and say we'd be landing shortly. I was glued to my window like a kid glued to the window of a candy store. I'm surprised my face wasn't up against it. What was I so happy to see? Mountains!! I missed those gorgeous things so much. I had the biggest cheeser grin on my face.

After landing, I was so anxious to get off the stupid plane. But of course, when you're impatient, things seem to take 10x longer. I've never been so annoyed with slow people in my life. When I finally got off the plane, I literally started a mild jog through the airport. When I finally got to baggage claim, I saw my dad! I ran to him faster than I've ever ran before and just hugged him. I instantly started to cry. Not just a couple tears. Like full on ugly cry. It felt so good to actually be able to hug my daddy. I didn't want to let go! I stood there hugging him and crying. It. Was. Awesome.
After I was done being dramatic, it was off to get my luggage and then straight out to my car. Ohhhh my car! How I missed that as well! I was so happy I got to drive it home.

The very next day after I got home was my friend's wedding. It was such a gorgeous day! I'm so glad I got to be apart of it and spend their day with them. Such a beautiful wedding.

The next day after that, I had something to attend about an hour and a half south from my house. I dragged my bffl Samie along with me, and we had a mini road trip. She's so nice to put up with me and my random things that need to be done!

The rest of the week was spent being taken out to lunch and dinner, catching up with friends and family, cuddling my puppy, meeting new and wonderful people, driving my car, and plain just enjoying home.
Meeting and holding my adorable baby cousin for the first time. I fell in love with her!

My dad was even awesome and went hiking to Timpanogos Cave with me.
I about near died hiking up that mountain. When you forget your inhaler... And you're not used to the altitude anymore.. You tend to slow down a bit. My dad was a trooper and was patient with me the whole time. Let me tell you though, it was certainly worth the hike.
To top it all off, my last day visiting was just like when I moved to Chicagoland, spent at my cousin's wedding. Different cousin though, don't worry. It was also a beautiful wedding. I loved being there. My day was full of family and smiles. It was great seeing my family so happy. I'm so glad I got to be home to experience it. 
I couldn't have asked for a better time in Utah.

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