Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Girl's Guide To Concert Going

Well folks, I finally went to my first concert by myself. I was told this is "risky business for a single girl my age to be doing in a strange place at the kind of concert I was going to." Oops! I went anyways.

I bought my ticket to KISS and Mötley Crüe a couple weeks ago. I have seen them previous years, so this was going to be my second time seeing them both... AT THE SAME TIME! I was so excited! Now, for those of you who don't know who these bands are, let me enlighten you.

This is KISS
Their music sounds like this:
Now this is Mötley Crüe 
Their music sounds like this:
(My favorite song of theirs)
Ok, are we all up to speed? Good.
Now, like I said, I was super excited to see them, so I really didn't care that I was going to be alone. But everyone else was concerned, so I reassured everyone I was going to be extra careful. Here are some things I discovered that are good for a girl to do when she's alone at a concert.
Tip #1:
DO NOT park in overflow parking if you don't HAVE to. This is where I made a mistake. Why? Because if you have to leave early for some reason, walking back alone can be dangerous. ALWAYS remember where you parked. I will tie into this a little later, but keep it in mind.
Every girl needs to go through security just like the men do. Tip #2: Don't bring pepper spray or anything like that. You'll never see it again.
After you've gotten into the venue, you need to act like the toughest, baddest chick that ever walked this planet. That would be Tip #3. Don't let anyone push you around. Glare at someone if you have to. Just don't act like you're scared. Cuz you're not!
Alright people, tips after this point on are for if you're a cheap seater and you bought general admission tickets. Which is what I do.
So, you've found a good spot on the lawn. No one is quite drunk yet, it's still light outside, and everyone's laughing having a good time waiting for the bands to start. This is when it's ok to look like you're on your own. People will assume you're just waiting for someone. So at this point in the concert, relax, and don't worry.
It's time to get tricky when it's dark, and everyone is drunk. Number one predator to look out for: Old, drunk, scary men. They'll hit on you like no other. How do you avoid these men? Tip #4: Stand close enough to a group that's not drunk, but not too close so the people don't think you're a weirdo. Trust me. This works. I had an old dude eyeing me, so I got closer to a group of dudes. Seemed to work like a charm, because the old guy left me alone after that.
Tip #5: NO spot is important enough to stay in if you're uncomfortable with someone. Find a different spot to stand. It's no big deal.
Tip #6: If someone is bugging you bad enough, find event staff to take care of them. It's what they're there for.
Alright! The concert is just about over. I like to leave right before the last song so I won't be stuck in parking for 7 years. Remember that while walking back, you're the baddest person alive, right? Ok, good. Now, when you've left the venue and you're making your way to your car, carry your keys inbetween your knuckles. That would be Tip #7. Why do this? Because in case you need to hurt someone, your punch is now 10x deadlier. I do this even when people are around. You never know what could happen. Which brings me back to Tip #1. Parking far away means less people, and more risk. That's why it's important to be cautious about going to your car.
I know this may seem silly, but not everyone in the world is trust worthy. This is definitely a worst case scenario guide. Concerts are fun! Stuff like this doesn't even happen most of the time! But it's always good to know these things just in case.
I had so much fun at the concert! Both of the bands were so high with energy and sounded really good! The crowd was into it and it was just a plain old good time. I'm so glad I got to go. I'm sure it'll be one of those concerts to remember =]


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