Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Chillin'

As much as you may want to, DO NOT shove your kids in the freezer. It's frowned upon.

Plus, they don't like it very much.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ok, so we all know what a 12 year old girl I am at heart. Let's face it, I'm a grown child. This is why I openly confess to the fact that I purchased a ticket to the Big Time Rush concert that's in Chicago today.

I mainly got it because I'm basically in love with one of the guys in the band, aaaaannd their music is kinda catchy, but anyways, enjoy some girly 12 year old girl music while you stare at Logan's gorgeous face, yeah?

Don't worry that I'll look like a freak there by myself. Especially since I'll be the only adult without a child present. Also, I might go to jail for attemptive kidnap of that lucious man. Just sayin'.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bucket List Part 2

So back in January, I posted my bucket list. Well, since I've moved to Illinois, I've crossed off 3 items on my list! Very cool if you ask me. Here's my updated list!

  •  Go to a Celtics basketball game IN Boston vs. the Jazz
  •  Date a black man
  • Live out of Utah
  • Go to a live taping of the Maury Show
  • Get on tv or my own tv show
  • Go to Australia
  • Own a standard size poodle
  • Be a nanny in Boston  (I altered this one to just being a nanny)
  • Skydive or base jump (both if I liked one of them)
  • Go hillbilly hand fishing a.k.a. noodling
  • Go to a Star Trek convention.
There's more I've added to the list as well...
  • Sing the song "Walking In Memphis" while walking in Memphis.
  • Visit each one of Hawaii's islands. (except for Niihau (forbidden island) of course)
  • Go to each of Illinois's surrounding states.Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

There Ain't No Doubt I Love This Land

Ahhhhh, yes! Independence Day. My favorite holiday. Here's a reminder of why I love it so much. Usually it means barbecues, family, and fun, but not this year for me. Today I spent the 4th alone. But it's ok! I've been enjoying myself all day.

Last night, I got online trying to figure out what in the world I wanted to do today. I found a river close by my house so I decided, what the heck! I'll go to this river. It was pretty and I ended up there for about 2 hours.

Fox River

I started feeling really light headed though. I figured out why too. I guess I was just chillin' in 100 degree weather for 2 hours! Oops! Obviously didn't bother me too much until my body made me go get some water. I was so relaxed I would've stayed longer if it wasn't so hot.

I have a new "Illinois Motto" for myself. While I'm here I just have to keep saying...


I stepped out of my comfort zone to begin with by moving here. Even if I don't have friends yet, it's not going to stop me from having fun like it did in Utah. I'm not afraid to look like a loser doing things by myself anymore. I'm having fun. I don't care what other people think! I'm experiencing life.

Tonight, I'm going to watch some fireworks with my family. Illinois fun fact: It's illegal to buy fireworks here. Yup! Only the city can do them. Residents just go to Indiana to buy fireworks though. Rebels.

So anyways, even though this isn't the type of 4th of July I'm used to, it's still been fun. I'm still happy with how my day turned out.

Ignore the side pony, but check how patriotic I am!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crosstown Classic

Marvel and I were twiners today without even planning it. We're cool.

Monday, July 2, 2012

It Happened.

I'm homesick.

I miss...
my car.
my bed.
my house.
my daddy.
my mommy.
my Sauxie Sou.
my brother.
my family.
my friends.
and mountains.

Not necessarily in that order. But they're all missed.

There's no place like home.