Saturday, March 10, 2012

Moving On And Out

I have fantastic and exciting news. I've officially been accepted by a nanny agency to represent me! It's an agency called Choose The Right Nanny. They're an LDS based agency and they are excellent. They've been doing everything they can to find me a family, and the first day I was with them, I got an interview! A family from New York was interested in me and I have a phone interview with them next week. If they like me, they'll fly me out for a weekend to spend time with them to see if I am a good fit with their family. If they like me, and I like them, then I'm moving to Manhattan!

There are 3 other family options in San Fransisco, Chicago, and Florida as well. I would like to work on the East Coast, but I'm keeping all of my options open. Any experience will be great and I'm so excited!

This is something I've always been interested in, and the fact that it's happening, is awesome. I went after something I wanted, and made sure I got it. I seriously cannot wait to see what this year brings. Wish me luck!

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