Saturday, March 3, 2012

Laugh So You Don't Cry

My heart hurts today. I no longer work at PG High. It's been very emotional for me. It was the best job I ever had so far. I absolutely adored it.

I just went from having two jobs... To no jobs. I'm really regretting my decisions. I just lost my students, and left my clients. I have no one now. I feel so sad. I've already applied for new jobs, but the thought of working SO hard and SO much, to not at all, is really killing me. I WANT to work. I CANNOT be unemployed. It's not an option.

I've really been trying to stay positive and keep my mind off it, but it's so hard. That job was no joke what I looked forward to everyday. I miss it so much already.

I know life needs to go on. I can't dwell on this or it'll just hold me back. I need to take this as an opportunity to find a new job I love just as much. Life changes. Even if you don't want it to. I can learn from this and grow stronger because of it. It was a great experience working there. I learned so much. I can't wait to put my newly learned skills to the test and use them to excel in my performance for my next job.

Working at Pleasant Grove High School was literally a blessing in my life. I'll never forget it.

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