Monday, February 27, 2012

More "Me" Time

It's been one week exactly since my very last shift at Hollow Park. Yes, I quit the group home job. I'd say we had a pretty good 10 months together. This weekend it was SO weird not having to work. On Friday night, I spent the night at my grandparents' house. It was the best Friday night I've had in a long time. They took me out to dinner, then my grandma and I watched I Love Lucy until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer. It was simple, but great. It was kind of funny, around 9:45, I started to panic because I needed to be at work at 10. I was happy when I remembered that I no longer had to work weekends!

I was starting to become unhappy with my schedule week after week. I was exhausted. I wanted my life back. I wanted to be able to stay out late on weekends, go to dinner and a movie, and not have to leave EVERYTHING early because I had to be to work. It's seriously a huge relief. Don't get my wrong, working there was great, but I was burned out.

I think something that has helped me move on so quickly is the fact that I became friends with all my coworkers and the clients as well. It wasn't goodbye forever. It was more of a goodbye for now. It was hard in the moment saying goodbye to the clients, but I know they're all in EXCELLENT hands so it wasn't as sad.

I think I made the right choice with leaving my job. I'm much happier and I feel rested. I have Ashley time again. It's a great feeling! I did what I thought was best. Gotta look out for yourself first!


  1. Sounds bitter-sweet for you - but happy for you doing what you think is best! Not always easy to make that call.

  2. Quitting jobs! I'm good at that. You know what this means? Bratz nights.