Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Only Your Real Friends Will Tell You When Your Face Is Dirty

Countdown to 5k.... 2 days!
Countdown to hair chopping..... 4 days!

Am I ready? Yes! For both! My training is going pretty bomb, and I'm ready to lose the hair. In fact, I'm excited for the changes I'm making in my life. A new job, a new lifestyle, a new appearance. I'm changing a lot of things. They're all positive too. I feel as if I'm happier (not that I wasn't happy before) and I have more motivation and drive to do things. I have a feeling this summer is going to be fantastic.
Oh, and can I just say how great it is spending time with your great friends you haven't spent time with in a while? It's like... Really great. I've been missing a couple of my friends. (Ashlee and Emily) We used to hang out allll the time, but we stopped doing that. Lately I've been seeing a lot of them, and it's been so fun! I work with Emily now, and Ashlee's been so kind as to running and training for this 5k with me! Reconnecting with old friends is seriously the best. I'm glad we've been hanging out more and laughing about old times, while enjoying our new ones =]
.......Think I could've been a bit more cheesy? Yeah, that was bad, but hey, it's whatevs.

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  1. so I 100% agree with this post I've missed you lots!! oh also I'm honored to be mentioned!