Thursday, May 5, 2011

Note To Self: Don't Do That.

When someone says "Eyelash extensions change your life," trust them. I couldn't see how something like that could make such change in my life, but I'll tell you what, they made a HUGE change! Time that it took me to do my make-up was cut in half. Not to mention that you could have no make-up on at all and still look like a rock star.
So on that note, let me tell you how they can change you even more. Long story short, I had to remove my extensions today. (I did it the right way though. I used the tweezers and everything) Funny thing is, my natural eyelashes just happen to be in the prime of their new lash cycle, so when I got all the false lashes off, I literally had lil tiny baby things underneath them. I LOOK NAKED! I seriously feel like I can't leave my house because my eyelashes aren't beautiful like they used to be! It makes me so sad that I don't have my princess lashes. I don't think I'm ever going to take of my extensions no matter what happens ever again!
Now here's bummer story #2. My first 5K is in 9 days (May 14th) and I've been running everyday so I can be ready for it. Well I'm running this morning like normal, twisted my foot really funny, and landed on it weird. It didn't hurt that bad, so I just kept running. BAD IDEA. Now I can't walk on it at all. It's all swollen and fat looking. I'm like praying it's not broken. I don't think it is, because I don't know how something like that could break it, but it sure hurts like it is! I'm still going to that 5K though. You can't stop me. I will ride a freaking scooter if I have to, but I am not missing my first 5K! I will finish it by all means necessary. You can count on it.


  1. That's awesome you are running one! Which one?
    Sucks about your ankle. Sorry!

  2. It's called the "Run For Lindsey" 5k
    Here's a link!