Thursday, May 26, 2011

Instead Of Standing There Stuck Out In The Weather...

I've kinda been feeling down in the dumps lately. Things just haven't been working out for me, and I've felt... well... stuck. I don't really want to go into detail, but I do want to share this ever so cheesy, yet inspirational song. I was driving this morning trying to find something to listen to on the radio, when I came across an up beat song. It sounded pretty ok so I thought I'd give it a shot. While I was listening, the lyrics just stood out to me. The funny thing is that it was on a station I've NEVER listened to in my life. So I guess as it turns out, it was one of those "I really needed that" moments.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pressure Points

Today was one of those days where my Fibro really got to me. It frustrates me so much, I just want to scream and cry at the same time. Not only does it affect me, but it affects the people around me. It puts me in such a bad mood, that I make other people uncomfortable to even be around me. Sometimes, people don't want to be near me because they're afraid they'll "catch" my illness. Fibromyalgia is not contagious.
I don't like to talk about it because I feel like I'm complaining too much. I really try to not let it get in the way of my life, when it's actually a huge part of it. To help you better understand what I feel, imagine the body aches that come with a cold. Now imagine the body aches that come with a cold x10 along with many other symptoms. I'm not sure if that actually helps you get an idea, but it's the only way I know to describe it.
I've been looking up blogs for people that also suffer from Fibromyalgia. As I've read, I've actually learned a lot. I've always noticed these things happening, but I've never connected the two. For example, I read this:

"For people with fibromyalgia, dealing with symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue, and insomnia is only part of the battle. The disorder can also cause emotional distress, relationship problems, and social struggles."

Here's something else I read that just makes me go "YES! Exactly!"

"If you’re in chronic pain, it’s challenging for you and your friends and family. This is particularly true if you have an "invisible" condition like fibromyalgia, which is hard for other people to understand.

"I think people cannot see how it affects us—at least not like a cast on a broken arm or an open wound. I remember looking at my leg thinking that the burning, knife-like pain did not even make my skin red."

Knowing there are other people who know exactly how I feel just relieves so much. Most of the members in my family know how I feel, because they have it as well, but we don't talk about it, so that's why I've felt so alone. I'm not going to let the struggle of this stupid disease take over my life. I'm going to continue to push through this. It's not going to stop me. I will not let it win.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Off The Top, Please.

First of all, I need you all to understand why I did what I did. Go watch this video before you continue on. 

The deed was done. I took a total of 13-14 inches off my hair, and I'm donating 11 of it.  

I haven't had hair this short since I was 8 years old. It's definitely a big difference. I'm still getting used to it, but I'm warming up to the idea.
I have no clue how to style it, and it frustrates me. That's ok though, all I have to do is practice.
I don't regret what I did, because I know it was for an excellent cause, and hair grows back. I helped two charities at the same time, just by cutting off a little hair. Knowing that doing something so simple, helped someone, is pretty rewarding.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Things Must Come To An End

In less than 9 hours... 11 inches of my hair will be gone. I know, I know, blog about something different, but I can't help it! I'm nervous, ok?! In honor of my last day of long hair for a while, my great friend Ashlee did my hair really pretty. Check it out!

How cute is that? I simply loved it. She did an awesome job. Thanks, Ashlee!

Come 10:00 am, I'll be a whole new woman.... Well with the hair at least. I'm sure I'll like it, but we'll see how it goes! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Only Your Real Friends Will Tell You When Your Face Is Dirty

Countdown to 5k.... 2 days!
Countdown to hair chopping..... 4 days!

Am I ready? Yes! For both! My training is going pretty bomb, and I'm ready to lose the hair. In fact, I'm excited for the changes I'm making in my life. A new job, a new lifestyle, a new appearance. I'm changing a lot of things. They're all positive too. I feel as if I'm happier (not that I wasn't happy before) and I have more motivation and drive to do things. I have a feeling this summer is going to be fantastic.
Oh, and can I just say how great it is spending time with your great friends you haven't spent time with in a while? It's like... Really great. I've been missing a couple of my friends. (Ashlee and Emily) We used to hang out allll the time, but we stopped doing that. Lately I've been seeing a lot of them, and it's been so fun! I work with Emily now, and Ashlee's been so kind as to running and training for this 5k with me! Reconnecting with old friends is seriously the best. I'm glad we've been hanging out more and laughing about old times, while enjoying our new ones =]
.......Think I could've been a bit more cheesy? Yeah, that was bad, but hey, it's whatevs.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Note To Self: Don't Do That.

When someone says "Eyelash extensions change your life," trust them. I couldn't see how something like that could make such change in my life, but I'll tell you what, they made a HUGE change! Time that it took me to do my make-up was cut in half. Not to mention that you could have no make-up on at all and still look like a rock star.
So on that note, let me tell you how they can change you even more. Long story short, I had to remove my extensions today. (I did it the right way though. I used the tweezers and everything) Funny thing is, my natural eyelashes just happen to be in the prime of their new lash cycle, so when I got all the false lashes off, I literally had lil tiny baby things underneath them. I LOOK NAKED! I seriously feel like I can't leave my house because my eyelashes aren't beautiful like they used to be! It makes me so sad that I don't have my princess lashes. I don't think I'm ever going to take of my extensions no matter what happens ever again!
Now here's bummer story #2. My first 5K is in 9 days (May 14th) and I've been running everyday so I can be ready for it. Well I'm running this morning like normal, twisted my foot really funny, and landed on it weird. It didn't hurt that bad, so I just kept running. BAD IDEA. Now I can't walk on it at all. It's all swollen and fat looking. I'm like praying it's not broken. I don't think it is, because I don't know how something like that could break it, but it sure hurts like it is! I'm still going to that 5K though. You can't stop me. I will ride a freaking scooter if I have to, but I am not missing my first 5K! I will finish it by all means necessary. You can count on it.